Kim Kardashian Style Make Up

27 Aug


Kim Kardashian Is one of my all time ‘Girl Crushes’, I love her fine ass body and of course her beautiful hair & make up.

Here i re-create her sexy Arabian look but ramped it up a little for clubbing/parties & proms.


1. After applying your foundation and setting powder, use a deep bronzer to thin out your Jawline. I used the darkest shade of Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades block in #1″ Way to Glow”.

2. Use a highlighter to sweep up your temples and down onto your cheeks, just above the contouring of the jawline. I used Vanilla pigment by MAC.

3. Time for the eyes! Start with an eye primer to set your eyeshadow and stop it from falling. ELF’s studio primer is a great cheap alternative to Urban Decay & Lancome etc.

4. Use a highlighter to highlight your brow bone, this shade needs to be super white, so i used my Vanilla pigment again.

5. Sweep across a mid gray over the rest of your lid in a angular motion, I used shade 72 “Amazing Gray” by Estee Lauder, take this same gray and sweep it on your lash line under your eye from inside to outside corner.

6. Apply a white eyeshadow or eyeliner to the lid, and apply glitter (make sure to put something sticky there first! :P) The easiest way i found was to use Barry M fine glitter dust in #4 (Silver/White) with some eyelash glue underneath.

7. Cut the crease of this and really define the glitter by using the darkest black eyeshadow – Boujois intense 10 Eyeshadow in Black is super dark and blends easily. Make sure to blend this black into the highlight/gray slightly but NOT into the glitter.

8. Line your eye in a cat eye shape, flicking up & outwards on the outside corners of your lashline. Also use a eyeliner pencil on your bottom lashline to line your waterline.

9. Stick some eyelashes on, and add mascara to blend (Or just use mascara.

10. Use liquid eyeliner on the inside corners of your eye, just to create the arabian eye look, by outlining the inside corner.

Use a neutral lip colour to finish (I used myth by MAC), and ta da! ;-)





TAG: best friends

9 Mar

Hope you enjoy this little video of me and my best friend / flat mate. Gosh we talk a load of rubbish!


8 Mar

Good luck with A & AS level results today;

I’m sure everyone will do so well.


Kony 2012

7 Mar

Please watch this video and repost, please do anything you are able to do. This cannot just begin and end with Kony, this has to be the start of Justice for all world wide individuals who are not just comitting crimes on the state, they are comitting crimes against HUMANITY.
You can do five things:-
1. Share the video, anywhere you can, and to whoever you can.
2. Make Kony famous, make his name a household name, make him as famous as any celebrity, so people KNOW who he is. When people KNOW who he is, they will CARE about what he is doing!
3. Get a KonyKit and CAMPAIGN, do not let this wash over you and not change anything within your life.
4. Donate, donate, donate.
5. Contact ANY celebrity, ESPECIALLY those on the list on the Kony2012 website, to get the word spread.

Thank you,
God bless.


P.s. the site is JAMMED at the moment, KEEP TRYING IT WILL WORK!


New Youtube Video

4 Mar

Hey! New video is up on YouTube! :-)
Lots of love,


Celebrity Inspired Sexy Summer Make up

4 Mar

The new season is unveiling an array of super hot and stylish makeup looks and the best sources of inspiration when it comes to fashion-forward makeup are celebrities. If you’re looking for some of the hottest celebrity makeup looks for summer 2012, check out the following inspirational looks and recreate your favorites. Makeup is supposed to be fun so dare to experiment and have fun with it. The following inspirational makeup looks donned by the most en-vogue celebrities of the moment can be a perfect choice from day to evening, so pick up high quality makeup products and try to recreate them according to your facial features.

A makeup look that enhanced the eyes to perfection is always a great choice whether it’s for a party or a day out shopping with your friends. Rihanna‘s sultry eye makeup paired with soft and sensual pink lips will never fail to impress, so grab-a-hold of your favorite eyeliner and smudge it across your upper and lower lash line. Use a black or dark blue, even a dark green eyeliner pencil to make the eyes pop by going softly and carefully along the waterline as this will create an incredibly powerful and alluring effect. To complete the look curl and coat your eyelashes with mascara and your eyes will look like a goddess’s. Finish the look by sculpting your cheekbones with a shimmery bronze blush and apply a soft and sheer lip balm or lipstick on the lips to give your makeup look that seductive freshness that is a must this spring.

An amazingly romantic and universally flattering makeup look can be easily achieved with a minimum amount of products. Lily Collins‘s Vanity Fair Oscar Party makeup demonstrates that sometimes less is more as with sensual sheer, berry colored lips and high volume individually defined eyelashes, you can achieve a breathtaking, ultra-seductive look. This is a look that requires perfect looking skin, so conceal any blemishes and imperfections using concealer and blush before you continue to underline the your facial features. Keep the look simple and apply a small amount of peach or any other blush that compliments your complexion, on the cheekbones to subtly give more definition to your bone structure.

If you’re searching for a head-turning, heavier makeup look than Olivia Wilde‘s two tone makeup is a perfect choice to draw inspiration from. Using shimmery copper and a dark grey/green eyeshadow you can make the eyes pop, but keep in mind that blending is definitely a must if you wish to obtain a perfection. Finish the look by coating heavily the eyelashes using a black colored mascara, enhance the cheekbones with a tan colored blush and balance the look by adding a nude colored lipstick on. This is a look that is perfect for a cocktail or a night out with your friends, so dare to experiment and explore the enticing world of makeup.



Images courtesy of GoogleImages.

Article inspired by BecomeGeorgeous.


4 Mar is an amazing site which allows you to earn luuux $ and spend them on things in the luuux store, they stock everything from Sigma brush sets to Apple Mac‘s!

This is a chance to get a more personal account into my make up/beauty views, aswel as my general life as well, if you really want too. Haha =D

You can view my LUUUX.COM account @



Wow. What a whirlwind!

3 Mar
Arms of the University of Gloucestershire (192...

Image via Wikipedia~ University of Gloucestershire emblem

So, MM, i have neglected you, so very much. . . and i am sorry! ;(

I’ve currently been picked up on a whirlwind of change and growth and haven’t really had a second thought about this little blog of mine, but now i’m settled i’m more open to making a go of it.

In my last post i was talking about Uni worries, and how busy i had been! I hope that you will be happy to hear that i gained acceptance to all that i applied for! I am now studying Religion, Philosophy & Ethics and the University of Gloucestershire! Hooray! :-) I know that might not be quite what you expected for a girl who spends half her life buying new Make Up and getting ready! Ha.

Anyway, tomorrow i will be making a new video of a little update etc, and perhaps of the current diet i am on! I am looking forward to getting back into Blogging again!



SORRY! hello & updates!

29 Aug

Hello, gorgeous :)!

So, as you may (or may not) know, i have been inactive for a few months, this is because of the following reasons :-

  • Exams
  • Applying for university
  • My Fiancee and i broke up
  • I finished college
  • I travelled
  • I was too busy freaking out about results
  • I got my results
  • I was contacting my university
  • I am just plain lazy sometimes

Ok so lets be real, these past few months i have been frantic, and other times just plain lazy. Believe me, i wanted to update, but ‘ey… sometimes sleeping is just more fun(????)

So i just wanna apologise and let y’all know that i WILL be updating this more regularily and (hopefully) be making MORE YouTube videos (hooray.. or not…?)

So just thought i would give you a ‘lil update on whats going on with me right now:-

So to do with the beauty stuff, i’ve been having a weave done every few months for about 6 months now, and so i look like this :)

I have been trying many new products and my make up routine now consists of mainly Estee Lauder and MAC products, along with some cheaper drug store products. My hair care has remained similar and i am still using dark n lovely for replenishing, toners, Tony & Guy hair styling products and i have had a strange taking to Wilkinsons hair fragrancer (yes, hair fragrance.. i know!)

I’m currently awaiting to leave for University on September 18th (THATS THREE WEEKS :O) to study Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at the University of Gloucestershire (bet y’all didnt think that ‘ey?!)

I’ll be living on my own in halls but off campus, so it will be a real learning curve. Providing the two other people i am sharing a kitchen/living room with are not creeped out with me talking to myself in my room i’ll remain making videos when i leave, if not, i will make them when i am home or just scuttle round making them when they have lectures etc.

So, hi! Let me know what you wanna see & hear and i’ll try my best do make it happen!

It feels so good to be back!



Celebrity make up looks – Miley Cyrus, Rihanna & Keri Hilson

20 Feb


Miley Cyrus is a real adventurer when it comes to fashion, however she seems more reluctant to experiment in the case of makeup designs. Bronze is apparently her favorite color to add a glittery glam tint to her glimpse. You can also copycat her looks without any difficulties by choosing a makeup palette that has more shades of bronze to juggle with. Stain your lids and apply a thin layer also to the lower lashline to make the effect even more sparkling. Blue, green and even hazel eyes look dazzling when teamed up with this metallic shade. Therefore make sure you include it among your options when preparing for a special and also casual event. Crown your look with nude lips in order to focus on your eyes and avoid looking overstyled.
Rihanna is a great hair and also makeup chameleon. She knows how to make a statement with her look using bold and radiant color effect. For this red carpet event she decided to try her hand at the glamorous pink eyes makeup that allows her to tint her lids with white and pink combined in a fabulous ensemble. The darker shade on the creas and the lighter color on the lids would make up the perfect recipe to pull off an A-list look. Look for versatile makeup palettes that have all these shades included to make sure you rock out the pink eye makeup trend. Complete the look with nude or wine lips that look stunning in the same composition with this stunning eye shadow.

Keri Hilson knows the real deal when it comes to red carpet appearances. Indeed she can’t go wrong with the oh-so-popular smokey eyes that allow her to bring out the hazel eye color as well as enhance the glimpse with subtle elegance. Nail down the classy smokey eye makeup using matte or sparkling black as the base. Use an eyeliner to define the sophisticated shape of your eyes and add them depth and a catchy allure. Keri decided to leave her lips nude in order to preserve the neat and refined allure of her makeup. Do the same way in order to be able to sport a similarly fabulous red carpet-worth makeup.


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